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40% of marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill.

Amazon has grown it’s business to world leading commerce with the help of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has enabled users to earn more than thousands dollars every month with their one time work.

Welcome to ShoutUniversity flagship course “Affiliate marketing”.

Who is it for?

ShoutUniversity affiliate marketing course is for anyone with no skills in online marketing to anyone with intermediate skills.

Personally, I have created this course by keeping users of every level in mind. A beginner can start by learning the basics of affiliate marketing & an existing marketer or blogger would learn the tricks of affiliate marketing to grow from earning hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollar with little extra work.

Our affiliate marketing course is created with the help of text + videos that enables you to learn how to use various affiliate marketplace & how to promote affiliate products like other pro bloggers.

Why Learn Affiliate Marketing?

As stated above, Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing industry in digital marketing.

With the growth of Ad blockers & rise of social media & mobile ecosystem, Affiliate marketing has become the most profitable solution for bloggers & marketers to sustain every growing online marketing industry.

By learning about affiliate marketing you can use the techniques to add another revenue stream to your blog, grow your existing monthly income revenue & as time grows you can also get jobs in other internet marketing companies & startup with your affiliate marketing skills.

We recommend this course for everyone who is working online & wish to stay in online industry for years to come.

This course is taught by Harsh Agrawal who is an star affiliate and also a speaker at international affiliate forums like

Affiliate summit West , Indian affiliate summit, WordCamp & many others.

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